Why you should Stage your home & how to do it!

Are you about to put your property up for sale and hoping for a quick sale? Or are you one of those owners who have a property on the market, and haven't had any solid interest from purchasers?.....

Chances are your space is giving the WRONG message!

Clients must be able to envision themselves living in a space! Reality is, most people DON'T have vision... 'What they see is what they get'


It is believed by some, that personal items make a space 'homey' but the truth is.... clients see YOUR home NOT THEIRS!

DECLUTTER!... NOTHING is more distracting that clutter!

If your coffee mug from this morning, or your kids toys that you didn't get a chance to pack away, are starring, guess what the purchaser is looking at?.... that's right.... THE CLUTTER!!

Now lets talk dollars and cents (sense)

Clients are often hesitant to invest in staging their home, as they prefer not to throw out the extra cash and 'save'.

A good way to look at it, is that it's a heck of a lot better than having to drop your sales price after months on the market with NO interest!

The drop in price could cost you more than double the cost of staging

Thinking about staging? Contact us today to hear
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